Our Future Plan to achieve 24-25 Millions by the next year.

  1. This year we are innovating new products such as PET MATS, DUVET COVERS, & SHAPED RUGS.
  2. More new developments are there also as QUILTED CUSHIONS, BRAIDED CUSHIONS & CROCHET CUSHIONS, which we expect to hit in the market by 2022.
  3. Introducing low cost Polypropylene Mats & Rugs.
  4. We have a lot of new products; which we can offer in promotions…
  5. We are working on such product categories in 2021-22 for the target market including Braided Rugs, Bathmats, Cushions/Pillows, Crochet Items, Throws and Quilts/Blankets.
  6. We are regularly updating our catalogues with new product categories as well as the products.